Call me a prickly pedant, but will someone please tell CBC radio news announcers that the correct pronunciation for President of Russia is vluh-DEE-meer POO-tin, that’s Vladimir Putin WITH the T. Some have taken to calling the man Pooooo-n, dropping the T altogether.

You may say Pe-shaw – what’s in a T?

Well, a lot when you’re a radio broadcaster. Correct pronunciation is a hallmark of good broadcasting. Pooooo-n is lazy elocution and this is inexcusable for a national radio broadcaster.

BBC satirists have lambasted Geo. Bush mercilessly for this lazy glottal stoppage. Would Canadians like it if Russian national broadcasters called our Prime Minister Stephen Haper? Actually, most broadcasters outside of Canada don’t know who Stephen Harper is or how his name is pronounced.

It’s embarrassing to hear our national public broadcaster going soft on pronunciation.

And it’s worth noting that not all CBC broadcasters are guilty of this T-dropping, ergo the North American accent argument can’t be invoked in this case.