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I’m not normally one to gawk, but my word, women’s breasts seem to be getting big these days.

Honestly, the number of supersized hooters bobbing around St. Maarten was absolutely breathtaking. And virtually all of these super boobs were supported by the most minimalist of pouch-and-string bikinis. It’s like the place was overrun with Lara Croft Tomb Raiders.

I’m not talking about the old fashioned type of breasts you may be familiar with. You know, the ones: made of soft tissue and prone to a little jiggle now and then. No, these babies are rock solid and no matter how big, they are always pointing straight ahead Fred, like the headlights on a car.

Ten-Hut! Attention!

No droop. No sag. Gravity defying. Could they be injected with something supernatural? Like Kryptonite?

And these mega mammaries always seem to appear on the most stick-insect of bandy-legged little women. You almost feel afraid for these women carrying such a heavy front load of breast.

If they aren’t careful, they could teeter forward and topple over, falling on their face. And wouldn’t that be a shame.